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What is algviz?

Algviz is an algorithm animation engine for your Python code in Jupyter, which supports multiple data structures such as vector, table, linked_list, tree and graph.

You can get live algorithm animation after bringing some algviz interfaces to your algorithm. For example, this code below shows the bubble sort algorithm:

Click to show the code example ```python import algviz def bubble_sort(data): viz = algviz.Visualizer(0.5) vector = viz.createVector(data, cell_size=(40, 160), histogram=True) for i in range(len(vector)): for j in range(len(vector)-i-1): if vector[j] > vector[j+1]: vector.mark(algviz.cRed, j) vector.mark(algviz.cGreen, j+1) viz.display() vector.swap(j, j+1) else: vector.mark(algviz.cRed, j+1) vector.mark(algviz.cGreen, j) viz.display() vector.mark(algviz.cGray, len(vector)-i-1, hold=True) vector.removeMark(algviz.cGray) viz.display() bubble_sort([5, 4, -2, 1, -1, 3]) ```

The rendered animation looks like this:


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Please follow this installation guide to setup algviz.


This tutorial gives you a quick start on using algviz.

All the API references can be found at algviz API reference.


Algviz uses GNU general public LICENSE. You can use it freely for learning and communication. For the commercial usage, please contact the author.


Any form of contribution is welcomed! Please feel free to report a bug or create a pull request.

If you want to share your algorithms using algviz, you can create a PR from this repo: 👉 algviz-launch.


QQ group: 334605370