algviz 0.3.1

  • New interfaces:

  • New feature:

    • Support multi-line text in vector, table, linked list, tree and graph.

    • Auto adjust the strip width in layouter.

  • Fixed bugs:

    • Fix issue9: Two svgs in one page will impact each other.

    • Fix issue12: Adjust font family, choose a fixed width font.

    • Fix issue13 and issue14 ‘Digraph’ object has no attribute ‘repr_svg’ when display a graph like object.

    • Fix display error when remove the same cursor multipy times.

algviz 0.3.0

algviz 0.2.3

algviz 0.2.2

algviz 0.2.1

  • Layout and display optimizations for RecursiveTree and undirected graph.

  • Fix some typos and small mistakes.

algviz 0.2.0

  • New feature: add animation effect for text labels in Vector, Table and Graph nodes.

  • New interfaces: Vector.removeMarks, Table.removeMarks, SvgGraph.removeMarks can remove multiple color marks in the display object.

  • Change interface: Table.mark adds two parameters r2 and c2 to support marking multiple elements in the given rectangle area.

  • Fixed bugs:

    • Unit tests failed for Logger.

    • Display area is clipped in some Logger object.

    • Refresh error when calling Logger.clear.

algviz 0.1.8

algviz 0.1.7

algviz 0.1.6

algviz 0.1.5

  • Fixed some known bugs about cursor.

  • Update some constructor interfaces.

algviz 0.1.4

This version adjusts the interfaces to create or remove cursors. Instead of creating the identical cursors bound with different Vector or Table objects, you can create the cursor one time then it will be bound with display objects which been accessed by the cursor.

algviz 0.1.3

  • Interfaces change:

    • Remove colorsInfo() and colors, use color_black, color_red and so on instead.

    • Update interface Visualizer.createTable: change the type of paramter cell_size from float into tuple(float, float), in order to support setting the cell height of table elements.

    • Update interface Visualizer.createVector:

      • Change the type of paramter cell_size from float into tuple(float, float), in order to support setting the cell height of vector elements.

      • Change the paramter bar into histogram(type is bool, means display the data in the form of a histogram).

    • Update interfaces Vector.mark, Table.mark, SvgGraph.markNode and SvgGraph.markEdge: change the default value of paramter hold from True into False.

  • Display change:

    • Change Logger display format into normal string.

    • Display the name of visualizer objects by string instead of Table.

    • No longer mark items cell automatically when access or modify data in items.

  • Remove useless comments and titles in the SVG output result of SvgGraph..

algviz 0.1.2

algviz 0.1.1

  • Add cursor support for Vector and Table.

  • Add reshape interface in Table.

  • Compress SVG size for tables with very many cells.

  • Changed the index range check rule for insert, pop, swap interfaces in Vector, raise exception when index out of range.

algviz 0.1.0

This is the first public release of algviz. Support animation generation for vector, table, linked list, tree and graph data structures in jupyter notebook.